Beauty in the World 💌 

Sent October 7, 2020


Celebrating Beauty in the World


I invite you to join me today in celebrating the beauty in the world!
Yesterday, the sun came out and warmed the Earth a little. 
Last night, the moon shone brightly and lit the sky a little.
And each day when we go out into the world, we have another chance to be love and spread love, even just a little….
thanks for joining me today!

 ~ Profoundly Peaceful Beauty Serum ~

Each morning I start the day with a generous spritzing of Face Mist and a pump or two of Profoundly Peaceful Beauty Serum. The mist adds high-frequency hydrosols to the surface and the serum locks it in with beneficial oils. Taking the time to massage Beauty Serum into my skin, I encourage it to become glowy and elastic ~ radiant if I’m lucky ~ and I feel renewed. 

NEW SIZES!  I have been working on providing various beautiful sizing and packaging options to meet your needs, and am so happy to now offer Beauty Serum in three sizes.  

  • The original Airless Pump because I love the ease of the pump and the feel of this luxurious bottle ($33).  
  • The 2 oz cobalt blue glass dropper for those of us who like to use a lot and want it to last even longer ($44). 
  • 1 oz cobalt blue glass travel size ($26) because sometimes the airless pump leaks when I try to take it with me, not cool. 

Attention Men!  This is a great product for guys too.  Guys, you may not need to wash your face since you probably don’t wear makeup, but using Mist and Serum are great for graceful aging for all human skin, so go ahead and enjoy!!


Dollar Vote:  Darn Good Yarn

Ok this one’s almost too much fun!!!  This company is all love; they are:

  • Woman-owned
  • Thoughtfully sourced
  • Earth & human friendly
  • Fueled by Positivity

They not only have beautiful yarn & project kits, they offer the skirts you have been seeing me in all summer….. my spectacularly special silk skirts arrived this spring and I have been joyously frolicking in their uniqueness, luxuriousness and beauty ever since.  I am now wearing them over leggings and with boots – they just keep getting better!

The skirts are 3 for $99 { NOT KIDDING } and they surprise you with three reversible skirts made from reclaimed sari silks from India.  Can it get any better – yes – being reversible it’s like getting 6 skirts!  You let them know your color preferences and they surprise you with beauty you probably never would have picked for yourself.  When I got mine I was initially a little taken aback… and then {swoon} I fell more and more in love with each one.  Talk about BEAUTY in the world; let your wardrobe really bring it!

Shop Skirts!

This radiant beauty is my Aunt Carri, one of my early role models for whom I am very grateful ~ from her I learned a lot about how to be a woman, a mother, and an entrepreneur.  When she started her bakery in Homer, AK in a tiny one-room space, she took her babies right along with her.  They used to nap on the chest freezer and take baths in the sink.  And they always had beautiful food to eat.

She was creating a lot more than gorgeous bread and the best sticky buns in town, she was creating community.  By working in her art, she shared her joy and her gifts.  Now the mainstay of town and a veteran of the Travel Channel and more, I remember talking with her when she was first starting out…  Her food was sooooo good and so gourmet-amazing I said, “Aunt Carri, you could charge so much more for your stuff!!  You could get $8 where you are charging $4!”  Wisely, she answered me, she said, “Al, I want to be priced to serve the community at prices people can afford.”  

She shared her gifts with a deep desire to serve, inclusively, making sure everyone could join her in her joy.

That is how I want Yellow Heart Sisters to be – priced to serve all.  That is also why I am adding Affiliate links to products I adore ~ as part of my Income Quilt ~ so I too can make a living, without raising my prices to overly-exclusive levels.  I may have to adjust prices to reflect costs over time, but you can count on me to continue to serve in a gracious way that can reach everyone.

Two Sisters Recipes Blog

So much love to you and wishing you a beautiful week! 
“Do the things today your future self will thank you for.”  Ali

P.S.  As a special thank you for reading and supporting my efforts, all orders this week will receive a FREE travel 1 oz Beauty Serum!  Shop now

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