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Sent October 7, 2020

So far my emails have been all cupcakes and butterflies; that’s not because life has been perfect and easy.  🙂  Much stirs beneath a calm surface, and of course the energy that shaking things up is affecting all of us – me, you… everyone.

I choose to be positive because it makes everything better, and because I believe wholeheartedly in the benevolence of the Universe, even in the face of seeming disasters.

I have been feeling pushed beyond my comfort zone this year, and working through tough stuff including relationships ending, relationships changing, health challenges, and forgiveness.  I even thought I had it pretty tough, until I met Heather.

I met Heather this summer at a Sweat Lodge through Quiet Waters, a group in my area that offers amazing healing containers through traditional sweat lodge ceremonies.  I sat next to her that day as she bravely and intensely worked to release and heal from the loss of her baby boy, Xavier, who had died just six weeks prior from SIDS.  Her son simply didn’t wake up from his nap one day, and now, instead of drinking herself to sleep or cursing God, she is making absolutely amazing healing prayer candles, choosing to grow instead of crumble.

Heather & I traded self-care products for candles shortly after the ceremony, and as I have been burning them, I have been feeling nothing short of magic – deep, brave healing magic.  This amazing mama has endured a huge challenge, and she has done what I like to do — viewed it not as “horrible tragedy” but as a challenge meant to cause her to grow.  She is bravely growing into the next, best version of herself, and I SO applaud her for it.

I am now carrying her candles in my online store as I care-fully build out my “Accoutrements” section – items I view as absolute must-haves for your self-care space.  These products are chosen for you with all my heart.  Enjoy and thank you for joining me in supporting Heather’s journey.

You have an inner give of great value, born of struggle, adversity, and challenge.  In wisdom you know that suffering can lead to growth, provided we are willing to search for a way to heal through it.  Seeing challenges as ways to expand your spiritual light empowers you to focus on the growing light, rather than the suffering. 
– Kuan Yin
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With Love,


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