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Sent September 29, 2020

This just in…. LIFE BAR TRAYS!!

Life Bars are meant to be used abundantly and often.  They are an integral part of our daily lives – from hand moisturizing to foot massage – these are the bars of our life.  🙂

Now your Life Bar can be set out in a beautiful way on this lovely handmade pottery round ~ custom made for Yellow Heart Sisters and Brothers like you.

This has been a long time dream of mine, now come to life!  I met Karen, artist and owner of Our Creative Outlet in Sussex WI, and knew she would be the one to help me make it a reality.  With full empowerment and minimal direction, she created these beauties to hold LIFE BARS in your home and mine. 

Life Bars never go bad and they never dry out!  Set one on a beautiful holder and pick it up often.  Makes a lovely addition to your altar, your nightstand, your kid’s room, your kitchen….  

To order online, you’ll find them under both LIFE BARS and Accoutrements ~ just add a note during checkout if you have a color or design preference, otherwise I’ll intuitively pick one for your surprise ~ they’re all so lovely!!


Shop Life Bar Trays

Dollar Vote:  Coffee on a Mission, Ya Mon!

I recently connected with an old high school buddy over a topic very near and dear to my heart… coffee!  This friend’s name is Dave Bent and his parents are from Jamaica.  They moved here when they were 20 to give a better life to their children.  Now Dave is trying to do something to help his parents’ home country by selling Jamaican Blue Mountain Fair Trade coffee here.

Coffee is one of the top crops for pesticide and chemical use.  If your coffee is not already organic, fair-trade certified, or better…. check out Dave’s coffee and UPGRADE, my friends.  I personally attest to this one ~ it is the smoothest coffee ever and what I am drinking from now on.  Thanks Dave!!  


Shop Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

What I’m doing for Self-Care this week:  

To balance the intense energy these days and god-forbid, exposure to The News… may I suggest listening to the Pandora station BEAUTIFUL CHORUS. When we surround ourselves with beautiful, positive input, we become that.

Beauty in, beauty out.  
Love in, Love out.
Positivity in, Positivity out.   

I also noticed myself naturally gravitating toward the richer, thicker, warmer oils of Thyme to Heal & Facial Cleansing oil for my morning self-care massage routine.  In Ayurveda, this practice is called Abhyanga (warm-oil massage) and I really recommit to this as fall arrives.

Personally, I like the combo of these two products used together all over my skin before my shower.  Yes, Facial Cleansing Oil can be used for so many things, not just cleansing!  It’s an awesome massage oil too ~ I love the rich viscosity provided by the castor oil and olive oil.  

Use these products however you feel called.  Enjoy abundantly!  It’s all good!

Last but not least, for this week’s Proactive Self-Care Ensurance, I am finding out my Vitamin D level!  So many articles I read say the Covid-19 virus is all about Vitamin D (here’s a good article about that) which basically says a Vitamin D level above 75 cuts your risk of getting Covid in half, cuts the amount of hospitalizations in half, and eliminated death-by-Covid in a study in Spain.  

So…… I have always wanted to know my Vitamin D number, and now I can without going to the doctor’s office at all.  For $75, a new company called Everlywell offers home tests for Vitamin D, among many other things.  I poked my finger and milked it for 4 drops of blood, and next week I’ll know what my number is!  Use this referral link for your test kit and we can compare notes.  

Get Your Kit


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