Pit & Pore Toner for face

(doubles as an armpit cleanser on non-shower mornings!)

I love this product because it is just three simple ingredients + 8 drops of magic.  Lavender hydrosol, the water product of the essential oil making process which is so wonderful on it’s own as a facial skin toner.  Plus apple cider vinegar, which is so amazing in so many ways.  And vodka, a wonder-cleanser for the skin.  The magic ingredient is Moroccan Blue Chamomile, which is deeply calming for the face and may help reduce inflammation & redness.  Shake first, then pour maybe a nickel-size amount directly into palms, pat onto face for a fresh, clean feeling.


Looking Inward for Truth

Beauty Balm for Face, Body, & Spirit

Perfect as a night cream for face, neck & eye-area & anywhere anytime skin love.

Take a moment to lift your spirits by pausing ~ to check in with yourself.  Ask yourself, how does my body feel?  What does it need that I can easily offer it?

Massage this balm into your precious skin and rub the muscles as grateful give-back for all that they do, remembering that the most powerful answers are found within.

Facial Cleansing Oil

One of the greatest gifts I can offer you is the joy of Oil-Cleansing.  It is a vast improvement over soap and foaming cleansers for make-up removal and nightly cleansing.  I enjoy a good exfoliating scrub or charcoal face soap in the morning, but at night it’s Oil-Cleansing all the way.

To use an Oil-Cleanser, get a washcloth and some nice warm/hot water.  Dampen your face with warm water and add one pump of face-cleansing oil to your hands.  Massage all over your face, including your eyes to remove any makeup you may have worn during the day.  You’ll notice it does not burn or sting at all when you open your eyes, isn’t that nice?

Next, get your washcloth wet with steamy hot water, and apply to your face.  You’ll feel both sparkling and nourished as you wipe away the oil and all the dirt along with it.  Follow with Pit & Pore toner and a spritz of Face Mist.  For extra moisturizing, use Lift Balm as desired.

Face Mist 

Raise your skin’s vibration with high-frequency hydrosol face toner.

Amazing uplifting face mist I love to use first thing in the morning and last thing at night, and twice in the afternoon!  Made with hydrosols, which are the water product of the essential oil making process, this mist is the luxury in my facial care routine.  

Makes me feel like a Queen, which of course I am.  Aren’t you?

Remembering who you are is perhaps our most important life’s work.  Whoooooo are you?!

Ingredients:  Lavender hydrosol, ylang ylang hydrosol, rose otto hydrosol, and the magic ingredient 2 drops of Sandalwood EO.