How I came to sell deodorant

How I Came to Sell Deodorant

by | Jun 22, 2018 | Random | 0 comments

It started as a whisper in the quiet room…

of a new friend’s house who had just recently birthed her third child, a boy ~ her first as a homebirth. I had signed up on the meal train and came in to help with anything that she needed doing. I was putting on her freshly sun-dried sheets, when I found myself saying outloud, albeit barely and as a whisper, “I’m thinking about quitting my job…..

…I want to be the kind of brave my baby can be proud of.”

It was a powerful place to set an intention such of this, in the brave, quiet space of a newborn baby, spoken so spontaneously and so raw and from the heart. I felt my heart flutter as I spoke it and only knew there was no turning back, I wouldn’t let myself. For my baby, for my self, for her baby, for my child self, for the world, for my soul.

I too am a mom of a boy, a boy who at the time was 7 and in first grade. I was doing freelance marketing work, primarily for one large client who paid me well and appreciated me. It was the ideal gig at the time, and had been for eight years, offering me stability and consistency through the birth of our son and the early years with him.

But it wasn’t my heart work.

I met a lady recently, a doctor of natural medicine, quite well known in this area and a contributing other to many publications as well as her own book. We met at one of the first grocery store events ever for me and when I was sharing this story with her, she was looking at me with that funny chesshire cat knowing smile and said, “about how old are you?” 36. “Yes, yes, that’s usually about the age when women start realizing there’s more to life than we thought.”

I know what she means. Though the gig was right in my sweet spot, somehow I had known that doing marketing for everyone else’s brand would only satisfy so long. The thoughts that had always been there about someday starting my own brand to share my own gifts with the world. However much I enjoyed helping others make their dreams come true, I also suddenly felt bold enough that I just might be ready to make my dreams come to life too.

So I went into the Dreaming.

And I came out on the other side with Yellow Heart Sisters.

~ breath ~

I recently added Pit Paste for All Man-Kind, because I believe men deserve to be spoken to directly, and self-care is equally transformative for ALL of us.  Every one of us can Free our Pits!  The Yellow Heart speaks volumes to women; men, not so much.  So after a couple more years of dreaming… welcome THIS…