I have been silent lately, as I have been going through an inward time of change.

This change came to me late last summer, when suddenly I knew I needed something different in my environment and the emotional environment of my marriage.  It happened on the Eclipse, actually.

All at once, my world felt like it had been turned upside down.  What was a fit for me no longer felt tolerable in any way.  I became aware of needs that were not able to be met in my current environment.  And the hurtful things I’d been willing to live with, were suddenly NOT OK.

I sat with these feelings all winter, and let the lessons learned over a decade of marriage – with all it’s magnificent moments – sink deeply in and be understood by every cell in my body.

At the New Year, I knew that I would fully commit myself to creating a space, a life, in which my heart flame would be 100% free to shine brightly, without the risk of damaging winds slowing it down or putting it out.

I learned so much from my husband over this last chapter.  So incredibly much.  I let go with gratitude and compassion for the gift that he is to the world, and the gift and teacher that he has been to me.

This Spring I Let Go.  I continue to Let Go every day.  I heal, let go some more.  And the beautiful thing I have found, is that with each letting go that I am asked to do, a miracle, large or small, quickly arrives and dances in the space.  It is a profound journey.