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Sent September 22, 2020

Meet Josie Brill, Yellow Heart Sisters Intern!


Thank you Angels for the gift of Ms. Josie Brill, Yellow Heart Sisters Intern Extraordinaire.  Josie is from Eden Prairie, MN and currently a Junior at Marquette studying Nursing, Peace Studies & Yoga.  

Josie is also a Beautycounter consultant, which I love, and I will be supporting her efforts to share safer cosmetics with the world. 

After receiving her first care package of Yellow Heart Sisters products, these were her beautiful words.

“I am so blown away.  Last night I used the cleansing oil, toner, and beauty serum on my face and spent some time with the Life Bar and body oil on my hands, arms & feet.  I could FEEL the vibrations and energy that was put into these products.  It was overwhelming joy & bliss.  Thank you!!!  While doing this it brought me to one of the Niyamas (personal practices) of yoga: Santosha.  Santosha is the feeling of contentment and satisfaction in that very moment, regardless of the chaos of the world around.  These products are so much more than organic self-care products, I truly felt the magic of them and I feel exceedingly fortunate to be able to be part of sharing this mission.”

She kinda looks like an angel, doesn’t she?!

What I’m doing for Self-Care this week:  THERMOGRAPHY

Thermography is a totally safe alternative to mammograms and I go annually to make sure I’m doing everything in my power to stay abreast of my breast health.  🙂  It captures a digital image of the heat patterns present in your body and can provide detection of pre-cancerous conditions BEFORE they become tumors.  

View of Health in Brookfield is currently the only clinic I know of in the Milwaukee area offering Thermography.  This is from their website: 

“While mammography, ultrasound, MRI, and other types of structural imaging rely primarily on finding the physical tumor, thermography is based on detecting the heat produced by increased blood vessel circulation and metabolic changes associated with a tumor’s genesis and growth. By detecting minute variations in normal blood vessel activity, infrared imaging may find thermal signs suggesting a pre-cancerous state of the breast or the presence an early tumor that is not yet large enough to be detected by physical examination, mammography, or other types of structural imaging.”  

Blessings on all our breast health, this week and always!  If you are local and schedule an appointment with Noushin, please mention my name (Allison Clark) for a referral credit.  Thanks!

The “BEYOND ORGANIC” equivalent for clothing:  INDIGENOUS

Lately I have been paining over the harsh realization that I am part of full-on white privilege.  Yeah, it’s the truth.  The good news, however, is that I am 100% committed to using my white privilege resources to make the world a better place ~ in every way I can, everyday.  That’s just what I gotta do.  Join me?  Let’s go!

One of the easiest ways to do this is through our DOLLAR VOTE.  We can make sure that every dollar we spend goes to organizations who CARE.  Over the weeks, you will be hearing from me (and Josie!) about organizations we love and even offering discount codes to help encourage you to support them and their missions.   

The first one is Indigenous, a beautiful clothing brand deeply committed to ethical fashion.  The way I build my wardrobe is through a joyful combination of reclaimed clothing and high-quality long term pieces.  Indigenous offers those high-quality pieces you can love literally forever. 

Enjoy 20% off starting today through October 6 with code:  YELLOWHEART20

Organic Fair-Trade Clothing

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