Magical Gift Boxes Begin…✨✨✨

Sent November 5, 2020

Gift Boxes are In! And they are Fab!!








It just keeps gettin better & better!  You start feeling good, starting feeling in alignment with life, and things just keep spiraling upwards… because you have been doing your work, thinking your thoughts, setting your intentions with care.

Suddenly dragonflies start appearing, and messages of frosted cranberries show up in your dreams!  Gifts become abundant and giving becomes effortless. Sunny days show up out of nowhere and soon sparkles will appear on the twigs and mosses, red berries upon the wreaths.

Dragonfly brings the gifts of Joy, Wonder, and Magic.  There is so much more to these packages than initially meets the eye!
Give the gift of Self-Care.


Life Bar Gems have been all the rage!  I can hardly believe how much I enjoy them.  Now available in Masculine Woods scent as well!  Guys are really LOVING these.

“I love using Life Bar every day.  Being outside constantly I keep them at my desk and in my car.  They keep my hands from cracking and itching.”  – JP

“These Little Gems live in my car for all my on-the-go hand-washing!” – Jennifer

“Life Bar Gems are a treat…I have used three in the last 12 hours…on my cuts and abrasions, as an after shaving moisturizer, tips of fingers raggedness.  I love walking past the tray, plucking a gem, and rubbing in the magic.” – Richard

“I am in love with the little nuggets!” – Kari

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Every product, every box… made with love!

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