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Sent October 13, 2020


Dear Friends,

The Universe has really been asking me to Step. It. Up. lately ~ to dive deeper into Self-Care than ever before.  I felt confused and befuddled… why is it not enough to eat organic nourishing food, work in my field of passion, live joyfully, exercise and maintain a healthy weight…. why still these symptoms???

Last week I got my Thermography results back (C and C-) and had 6 cavities filled at the dentist.  It was not an easy week, and left me wondering.. Why??  What I came to is, it doesn’t matter why and the past is the past ~ this is what the Universe wants from me now, and so I’ll do it.  I’ll go on the deep-dive self-care journey, and I’ll share it all with You.

Because I know beyond the shadow of a doubt this:  I am divinely held in every moment!  I am surrounded by a mighty band of Angels and I am Blessed. Therefore… whatever journey lies ahead, I am excited, committed, open, and courageous to discover the gems that are to be born from the challenge.

Also, it’s not that bad.  I don’t have a cancer diagnosis, I have questionable conditions that can be reversed and my breasts and entire body restored to full and radiant health.  I take this as a 40-year-old reality check to get my ducks in a row now, so I’m not wishing at 50 what I’m wishing today.  All good, all Love.

The dental issues made me realize I need to address a calcium absorption issue I was also aware of, as well as gum recession.  Dental health is an indicator of systemic health, so is hormonal health ~ it’s all one and it’s all related ~ so as we address the whole system with amazing (also cheap & easy) practices, we heal the whole body and all those symptoms that had been creepin’ to get our attention – they go away.

Here’s my plan.  I invite you to pick up any pieces of it and I’ll be sharing more details about the individual pieces over the coming weeks.

Already since I’ve been doing it 5 days, I feel AMAZING.  Radiance is returning, symptoms are disappearing, sleep is restorative… it’s working.  Each self-care journey is unique, and discovering our own perfect path to wellness is that journey.  Thank you for your love & support as I continue on mine.


The beautiful thing about the above plan is it’s easy to do at home – all I need to do is create the time for my practices.  Can I do it without sacrificing joy??  Yes, I can!  Am I to stick to it 100% with rigor and vigor?  No, I’m not ridiculous, but I am committed.  I will try my best to work the plan.

My plan is to listen to my body, tend it closely for the next 6 months, and see what happens at my next Thermogram and Dental cleaning.  Can I reverse the trend and heal completely without medical intervention??  I think I can.  Am I motivated??  Yeah, I am, because I want to listen deeply to the infinite wisdom of my body, Heal Myself, and share my discoveries with You.

Love, Ali


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