Self-Care Circles (3 month)

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When women gather, something magical happens.  As I am the mirror to you, you are the mirror to me; as I am the teacher to you, you are the teacher to me ~ and around the circle we go.  Coming together (virtually) on a weekly basis, together we learn, grow, and support each other on our own perfect path to wellness.


In these three-month courses, we will learn together about the Magic of Self-Care.  Weekly virtual gatherings will support you as you learn to listen to your body, nurture yourself, and more.  Each session unfolds according to the needs of the participants and supports the highest good of all.  Let Love support you upon your path!

When women gather, something magical happens!  Each Class begins once 3-5 people are registered.

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2 reviews for Self-Care Circles (3 month)

  1. Shannon Anderson

    I don’t even know where to begin. Ali is an amazing teacher! She has so much knowledge to share and the compassionate, loving way she presents it feels so warm and natural. She will have you looking at things in new perspectives and give you tools to grow. She has opened me up to new ideas, health practices and honestly a new way of living that feels more true and right than I have ever felt before. I feel broken open, in a fabulous way, and I am forever grateful. But it’s more that just what Ali brings to the table, it’s the camaraderie, the mutual trust and friendships you build in a group of women which she fosters. We are biologically wired for friendship and growth and I can’t think of a better place to find your tribe than in a group that is lead by such a beautiful, giving soul. Ali’s light shines so brightly; she is filled with loving kindness and joy and shares it freely. You owe it to yourself to be part of this amazing group of women. It will change your life, you will grow in ways you never expected. There is power in this women’s circle!

  2. Erica.achieveability@gmail.com

    We are born whole-souls having human experiences. We lose sight of our divinity along the way. We lose touch with our magnificence. As we seek to restore this balance to a love frequency, we find our tribe. I am blessed to have found Yellow Heart Sisters. Ali is such an amazing soul-filled with grounding, loving energy. Her ability to hold compassionate space while nudging you to the edge of your truth is something you must feel for yourself to understand. May you re-commit to loving all of you and may you be blessed by Ali’s presence on your path as I have been.

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