So Much Goodness To Be Grateful For 💛  💙  💜  💚  ❤️

Sent November 24, 2020

Everyday I am Grateful

for Amazing Health

Some days you wake up with perfect health and it is Heaven.  When everything is working, no part of you is injured, and you’ve slept like a baby…. oh what a feeling!  Not all days are this way for me, but I am aware of the Amazing Power of my Thoughts, so I make certain to say Thank You to Source/God/WhatHaveYou for the Health I do have each day, knowing that it is a gift through which I am able to enjoy the day.

It’s crazy… if one little part of you isn’t working, it can be awfully hard to enjoy life! I bumped my head the other day getting into the car while checking voicemail instead of being mindful in the moment, and since then it’s been less than optimal… noise sensitive, ringing in my ears, not quite myself.  Sometimes it’s a twisted ankle, torn shoulder, sore toe, cut thumb, or maybe arrhythmia, insomnia, sickness or disease… but those beautiful days when everything is working harmoniously throughout and you feel great – that’s what I’m wildly thankful for this season and am envisioning even more of in my life.

In my first draft I wrote, “All I want for Christmas is Amazing Health.”  Then I noticed, that creates a lack of it by the very statement!  Ah-hah… I’m reprogramming, it’s fun!, and as always, I invite you to join me.

Earlier this week I had my first tea guest in my new space!
I recently renovated my downstairs to create a two-room suite for myself & my business.  I realized how much having my own beautiful space is important to my well-being, set the intention to have such a space, and watched the magic unfold!

For me, this was an act of self-care.  In the past, I made sure everyone else had their needs met first.  Now I try to make sure my own needs are met, then take care of those around me.  I recharge in the quiet of my own space.  Our house is not large, so I had lots of thoughts about “I can’t” and “it’s not possible,” but sure enough, I got my little miracle, and don’t you just love miracles!?!  I do.

So I invited a friend for tea in my new beautiful space, and our conversation came round to my health journey.  I shared about Thermography and balancing hormones and, just then I noticed, she was tearing up.  Pretty soon she was crying and sharing that she too had felt breast pain, among other symptoms, for two years, and not sure what to do next.  She had felt strongly that another mammogram was not the answer, but she didn’t know where to turn…

We had a beautiful talk and I knew – I am making a difference, enough of a difference, by helping in small, medium, large, and unknown ways. We all are – by following our hearts, shining our light, taking steps in a positive direction, and mostly by being brave to do the things we feel called to do.







So, what been the biggest game-changer in my Health Journey so far??


Yep, I’m super excited to say…. I have alkalinized!!  Remember those pee strips? Now when I check, I’m alkaline, almost everyday!!  This used to be a super big hurdle for me… I like coffee and sugar, what… don’t you?  Here’s the difference-makers and how I plan to keep the trend rolling.

I added a full stalk of celery to my go-to morning smoothie, some Moringa powder from Mountain Rose Herbs.  And, I’m drinking a new alkaline, organic, shade-grown, fair-trade coffee… Lifeboost Coffee.  (You get 50% off your first order if you click my link)  I love this stuff. It’s not quite as tasty as my buddy Dave’s ultimate Jamaican Blue Mountain, but it works for my alkaline diet and I am choosing that right now.

By testing my alkalinity, I have figured out what tasty treats I can have while staying in the “green zone” of healthiness.  Turns out, I can have a few, like dark chocolate and monkfruit-sweetened baked goods… yum.

My Morning Smoothie

– couple chunks each frozen mango, pineapple & banana
– 1/2 avocado
– full stalk celery
– small pour MCT oil
– Ginger Kombucha
– Coconut: fresh preferred! Costco has had them recently and I love to whack one open and pour out the water, scrape out the meat. Otherwise, coconut cream or coconut water = all good.
–  1 scoop greens powder
–  1 scoop Amare GBX Protein (vanilla)

P.S.  This beautiful photo was taken sans greens powder, the real deal should look much greener!

To get testing YOUR Alkalinity, get some strips like these:
PH Test Strips

These are my Favorites

In a (failed) effort to save money and shipping, I decided to try a smoothie protein from my local health food store.  I carefully read the ingredients and found one comparable for $45 and with 15% off tuesday I thought I was saving… I was wrong!

And I regretted it too, because it is definitely NOT as good as the BEST SMOOTHIE PROTEIN I Have Found.  So I went online today to order the real deal and found a HUGE SALE going on on Amare.

They are offering a sale price + Buy Two Get One Free…. meaning I got the best smoothie powder for $31 per container AFTER tax & shipping — much less than I could pay for a lesser product at grocery.

Now is the time to buy!!
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Wishing you an amazing week of love, gratitude, connection & health my friends! 

Love, Ali