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One of the many messages of the Yellow Heart is the message of Courage.  It’s doing the things that only you can do for yourself.  It’s listening to the wise voice inside, and then sharing it.  It’s doing the thing that scares you most.  It’s shining your light when it would perhaps be easier not to.  It’s continuing to say ‘Yes’ to the challenge of growth ~ to dig a little deeper, step out a little braver. 


Onto the Science Of Self-Care!  Much of what we do is qualitative on our health journeys, and in my experience the biggest and best healing actually comes from the intangible.  The emotional releases, letting go of old wounds, shifting our thoughts, speaking our truth, and pursuing our god-given right to happiness.  In my experience, the physical & emotional are one, for sure.

And, there are now so many medical/science-based tools available to us that it is both easy & wise to take a deeper look.  Hence my Thermography visit to View of Health, and the vitamin & mineral assessment work I started with Everlywell home-testing kits. (get 20% off your kit here)

Some people felt worried for my health after last week’s email. Let me explain. The conventional breast health annual checkup is Mammogram, and if I had gone that route it would be A+, no cancer!  But there’s so much more to the story than just Cancer or No Cancer.  There’s the whole spectrum of health, and that’s why I chose Thermography… to find out the whole picture of the health of my breasts, and what I found out is there’s room for improvement. That’s what I went for ~ to bravely discover the full picture, and take steps to address it.

For me, it’s an exercise in learning how to Think & Love at the same time.  Not just following my heart, but using my head and the wonderful tools around us as best I can.


I got my Vitamin D test results back.  I found this really interesting!! So, I had just finished soaking up the sun all summer long and had been supplementing Vitamin D at 4,000 IU almost daily starting September 1.  With that as my background, my level came back at 37, which is considered in the “normal” range.

I did more research and here is what I found:  Under 20 is considered “below normal”; 20-40 is considered normal, 40-60 is excellent, and 60-80 is ultimate. So as a person with ample sun exposure, albeit living in the northern hemisphere, AND consistent supplementation, I am still not in the upper regions of the Vitamin D spectrum.  Interesting!

What this indicates for me is that a vast amount of people may be dangerously low in Vitamin D and the Covid Experience is shining a spotlight on it.  Because of what we’ve been learning from Covid, experts are now raising their previous recommendation for health supplement levels from 5,000 IU/day to 20,000 IU/day.  Ok, that’s a big change, so I’ll be keeping my eye out for more info on that one… and in the meantime, I’ve been doubling down and definitely prioritizing that supplement for myself & my family.

If you’re looking for a good article about Covid & Vitamin D, here’s a few from holistic doc, Dr. Mercola.

Everlywell Test Kits


Drink to your Health!

Chaga is an amazing mushroom that is a magical elixir of health!  Fortunately it also makes a pretty tasty tea ~ it’s quite neutral and when you add a wedge of lemon it’s kind of like an Arnold Palmer, only milder.  It has tons of vitamins, minerals, Vitamin D, B vitamins, and a super-high Antioxidant quality that boosts immune system, protects cells, and fights cancer.  I get this and some of my very favorite teas at Mountain Rose Herbs ~ LOVE.


Making Chaga Tea is Easy!

Simply put a scoop (couple tablespoons) in a mason jar and cover with cold or room temp water, allow to sit until the water turns tea-colored.  I like to use a strainer top, or you can just strain the tea however you like.  Serve with a squeeze of lemon.  Continue using the same chaga until the water lacks color, get fresh chaga and continue!

Chaga grows on birch trees in the North!  I dream of someday finding them!!  For now, I like buying it in this big bag, and sharing some with friends


Mountain Rose Herbs


This is the year I’ll… be ALKALINE!!

So there’s a simple science to managing and monitoring a truly healthy diet and it’s pH.  These simple test strips provide a precise barometer for the success of your diet.  If the body is in an alkaline state (approx. 7-7.4), health reigns the day.  In an alkaline body, inflammation is low, viruses & yeasts can not take hold, and cancer is unlikely.  In an acidic situation, well, the opposite is possible.

So, I got these little test strips, pee on them a couple times a day, and now I know what choices keep me in the “green zone.”  If not, I re-adjust my diet (and stress) until I am consistently alkaline again.  Thank you, Science.


Closing out this note with a moment of Bliss… my beautiful {yellow} Prosperity Candle burned all day while I wrote, and brought me lots of joy and luck!! Wonderful things are happening!  Thank you all for being part of it.

So much Love, Ali



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