Hi Friends, it’s Saturday afternoon and the oven is preheating to a whopping 475 degrees as I prepare to bake ~ for the first time in quite a few years ~ my absolute favorite smelling food of all times…. New York Times No-Knead Sourdough Bread.  This used to be a staple in my life many years ago and the big red cast iron Le Crueset is well-browned from the years of high heat and crusty loaves.  I got away from the bread ritual while we explored 5 years of gluten-free baking which took me deep into the art of baking with nutrient-dense nut flours, coconut flour, arrowroot flour and the like.

Today I gratefully return to the idea that crusty digestible gluten bread shall emerge from my oven in less than one more hour of patience, giving me plenty of time to sit down and share about the magic that has been happening in my kitchen this week.

This is the very first time I have applied my dark rye sourdough starter that I successfully started from just rye flour & water in less than 7 days to New York Times bread.  In the past I used yeast, and was thrilled to find that there was a recipe for incorporating 3/4 cup starter in the place of 1/2 teaspoon yeast.  We’ll see how it turns out!!!


What I'm Drinking: Nettles

Nettles are the first “weed” (read: beneficial plant abundantly supplied by Mother Nature for our nutritional use) come spring, but sometimes you just really need all those vitamins & minerals in the mid-winter time and have to get yourself some dried nettles from the health food store.  Make an “infusion” by covering with water and drink it when the color is grassy & green.  Continue covering with water and allowing to “infuse” until the water is no longer colorful, showing that all the nutrients have been gained from that batch of nettles, discard.  More on Nettles here…

What I'm Listening To: Ali Farka Toure

This music helps me get into the flow!!  It’s great also because you can not understand any of the lyrics with your mind, so they can’t make you sad.  This is important when you’re trying to function while processing grief.  I recently experienced the ending of a chapter of very deep love, and the letting go has been hard.  I’m all for the concept of letting go…. the actual practice is another thing altogether.  This music has been super helpful as I move through my day, because it uplifts and soothes my soul, without tempting me to slide into melancholy with all those lyrics about love and losing love which are so common in the experience of being human.  This music helps me feel my emotions, but not get lost in them.  Deep soulful good stuff for feeling magical and processing, all at the same time…   Ali Farka YouTube channel

Super Easy Snacktrition: Roasted Nuts

Simply combine a variety of nuts in a large bowl, such as Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts, Macadamia Nuts, Brazil Nuts, Cashews, Pumpkin Sees, Sunflower seeds, or any of the above that you are lucky enough to have in the pantry.  (do NOT add the raisins until AFTER roasting, they will burn)  Add a healthy pour of olive oil, a generous sprinkling of salt & fresh cracked pepper, spread on a roasting pan and bake @ 350 until delicious aromas emerge from your oven.  Mix in desired amount of raisins, let cool & enjoy all week long.  Eat within a couple weeks (share with friends!) as roasted nuts can go rancid more quickly than raw.  I get all my nuts and other pricey grocery items on ThriveMarket.com, they arrive at my door with free shipping, and I save lots.

This week I started production in my new workshop!!  It is Super Dreamy.  I’ll show you pictures of my new space soon!  Oh… and the bread??  It smells amazing.  I’m sure you’ll be hearing more on that topic, with pictures!!