Letting go creates space for miracles.

This spring I received the incredible blessing of a Partner in Yellow Heart Sisters!

Meet Mary Beth Rezek.  Wise woman, massage therapist, yoga teacher, certified aromatherapist, wife, mother, step-mother, bee-keeper, teacher. Marybeth leads womens circles, kirtan circles, is certified in reiki, crystal-healing, and singing bowl vibrational sound therapy.  Seriously, there’s not much this amazing woman hasn’t done.

She is deeply committed to the highest good for her self, family, and community.  If you live in this area, you probably already know, Mary Beth Rezek is widely accomplished and has touched the lives of many.

So it was my blessed good fortune when Mary Beth mentioned last winter her desire to co-create a product together.  I instantly knew that we would create a Beauty Serum together, and the process that unfolded was both natural and beautiful.  The resulting product, now available, is everything I ever dreamed it could be and more.  It really is that special.

Her massage therapy offering is called Profoundly Peaceful Massage and serves the community out of Pathways of Light Wellness Center in Delafield.

Mary Beth’s official title will be “Partner in Potions,” as her favorite love is utilizing her aromatherapy certification and mixing magical goodness for all of us to enjoy.  We are so lucky to have Mary Beth in our community, and now in Yellow Heart Sisters!  I feel very blessed and know that together we can do so much more than one alone.

Blessings on our journey, Mary Beth, and Yellow Heart Sisters everywhere!